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CSE Client Case Studies

Let’s face it, operating your building’s HVAC systems is not cheap. Fortunately, the odds are pretty good that we can find you some savings – and they could add up to be substantial. At CSE, we’re serious about reducing costs for our clients, and as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Take a look at what we’ve done for a few of our clients. . .

Facility Cost of Modifications Actual 1st Year Savings Payback Period 5 Year Savings Type of Modification
The Bon Ton Selinsgrove $63 $440 51 days $2,332 Repair economizer
Emery Worldwide $665 $814 10 months $4,313 Sealed ductwork
BWI $247 $280 10 1/2 months $1,484 Heat was also running on a call for cooling
Orthopedic Spine $6,950 $7,353 11 months $36,835 Redesigned dehumidification cycle
Belvedere Medical Center $7,767 $10,436 9 months $53,772 Install unoccupied cycles. Insulate hot water lines, alter exhaust fan cycles.
Dairy Concepts $70 $410 2 months $2,174 Heat recovery cycle was not needed.
Uptown Professional Building $7,200 $6,121 1 yr. & 2 mo. $33,822 Replaced continuous gas pilots, closed dampers in unoccupied mode
Williams Sonoma $220 $705 4 months $3,736 Repaired economizer
Raybestos Manufacturing $10,880 $10,228 1 yr. & 1 mo. $56,516 Install and optimize steam valves
Lebanon Valley Brethren Home $4,964 $20,932 3 months $115,662 Optimize boiler sequence
Gannett Fleming $5,343 $1,132 4 yrs. & 6 mo. $6,260 Installed variable frequency drive
Holiday Inn $14,378 $4,051 3 yrs. & 6 mo. $21,592 Install economizer & provide time of day scheduler
Duplex Products $23,842 $45,547 6 1/4 months $264,426 Demand limiting, control cycle revisions


“I’m writing to thank you and your associates at CSE for nearly twenty years of valuable service. . . We know we can count on your people to understand the specific needs of our supermarkets. . . It’s been a pleasure to partner with your company for all these years.”

Charles D.
Manager, Store Service & Refrigeration
(Supermarket Chain)

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