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CSE’s Compressor Confidence Guarantee

CSE Compressor Confidence GuaranteeReplacing your compressor is a substantial investment. At Controls, Service & Engineering Co., Inc., our goal is to deliver peace of mind along with every repair we make. That’s why we’ll do everything possible to help you protect your investment, with our exclusive Compressor Confidence GUARANTEE. . .

CSE rigorously follows industry best practices to identify, predict and prevent compressor break-downs. If and when they do occur, we strive to eliminate the source of the problem in addition to making the necessary repairs. CSE guarantees that you will not need to replace your compressor during the next 5 years, or the replacement is on us.

CSE’s Compressor Confidence GUARANTEE is based upon continuing your current Service Agreement with CSE on the building, and that all recommended repairs which affect this compressor are made during the warranty period. These items include repair of refrigerant leaks or economizers, cleaning of coils, and replacement of safeties, motors, crankcase heater, fan cycling/speed controls or contactors.

The cost to make changes or perform tests required or recommended by outside agencies, modifications required to meet applicable building codes, or the cost of repairs or service necessitated by improper operation or misuse of the equipment are excluded.  Costs to repair damage associated with vandalism or acts of God are also excluded.

Thank you for utilizing CSE for your heating and air conditioning service work. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you will not need to pay to replace this compressor over the next 5 years!

– Theodore S. Christiansen, President

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