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Guaranteed Savings with the CSE Cost-Cut Guarantee!

CSE Cost-Cut GuaranteeCSE guarantees to reduce the cost associated with your HVAC system through our Predictive Maintenance Program when you approve the CSE Service Agreement. We accomplish this by. . .

  • The reduction of your repair costs and the extension of your equipment life. This is based upon your agreement to make system corrections, add safeties, and make repairs as recommended by the CSE Predictive/Preventive Maintenance Program.
  • The reduction of your energy costs. This is based upon your agreement to implement the CSE energy savings recommendations which have a payback of five years or less.

As an added bonus, you’re likely to realize a gain in productivity. EPA and OSHA have stated that good comfort and indoor air quality can lead to a 3% boost in employee productivity!

If CSE does not reduce your operating costs, we will refund the cost of your Service Agreement!


*The guarantee to reduce your cost excludes any pre-existing conditions documented during the initial heating and air conditioning inspection, any modifications required to meet applicable building codes, the cost of repairs or service necessitated by improper operation of misuse of the equipment covered by the Service Agreement. Also excluded is the cost of damage associated with vandalism or acts of God.

How Much Money Is Your Business Losing To Excessive Operating Expenses?

If you're like many of our clients (even those who had thought they couldn't reduce costs any further), you may be shocked by what we uncover for you.

Take advantage of our FREE Equipment Survey, and we'll reveal how you can. . .

Commercial HVACReduce repair costs

Commercial HVACExtend the life of your equipment

Commercial HVACAnd reduce your energy consumption