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Workplace Safety

ISNetworld Member ContractorWe’ve built our business on three cornerstones. . . Outstanding Quality, Exceptional Customer Service, and Workplace Safety.

The safety of our technicians is of paramount importance to us. Our goal is simple: to have each one of our technicians return home from work safely. But while the goal is a simply-stated one, there’s a lot that we do to ensure that we’re meeting this objective day in and day out.

Safety is key part of our company culture. We regularly conduct safety meetings to review and reinforce safety procedures, address questions, and discuss current concerns. Prior to starting work, our technicians inspect their work areas and safety equipment. Our technicians are trained to vigilant not only for their own safety, but for the safety of their coworkers and other personnel on site. And of course, compliance to our safety protocols is monitored constantly by both supervisors and technicians.

When it comes to workplace safety, CSE is extremely proud to be an industry leader. We have the certification to prove it, too! CSE is certified in safety by ISNetworld, a global organization focused on creating safer work environments for hiring clients and contractors. ISN’s certification process includes an extensive safety audit and a rigorous evaluation of. . .

  • Health & Safety, Environmental, Sustainability & Quality Programs
  • Injury & Illness Records
  • Audit Results
  • Insurance Certificates
  • Workers’ Compensation & Experience Modifier

With all that, is it really any wonder why CSE meets (and exceeds) the safety requirements of the most safety-conscious industrial facilities in the area?

When you’re looking for an HVAC contractor who will get the job done right with the utmost regard for safety on your site, look no further than CSE!

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