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Liebert Service & Installation

Emerson Liebert HVAC Service ProviderDoes your Server or Computer Room rely on Liebert cooling units?

Do you need a new cooling system for a current or planned Server Room or Data Center? 

Are you confident that your Computer Room equipment is protected?


Maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels is essential to the performance and longevity of your sensitive server equipment. A reliable cooling system isn’t an option. It’s a requirement.

As the world’s leader in infrastructure technologies for data communications systems, Emerson Network Power provides thermal management systems through its Liebert brand. Liebert’s thermal management products are renowned for their efficiency and reliability. Their precision cooling systems, including air conditioning units, HVAC systems, and evaporating cooling units are designed to maintain ideal conditions within your data center facility.

As part of the Liebert Service Provider Network (LSPN), CSE is proud to be Emerson’s chosen representative for Central Pennsylvania. Plus, with eight Liebert factory-trained technicians on staff, you can count on our expertise and manpower to properly install and/or maintain your Liebert cooling system.

Whether you’re expanding, upgrading or maintaining your server room, choose the company that Emerson and Liebert trust for their startups and warranty work.


Contact us TODAY to discover how CSE can cut your energy costs on your server room or data center. . . 717-774-2222


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